Dark Times 2: Recovery and Preparation

I think I want each of these to be more of a self-contained “episode” within larger plots, but I felt I had some loose ends from last time so I wrap them up here in this brief segment. Next time we’ll be setting off on a proper adventure all being well.

Journal of Althas Binder

16th Fivemoon, 732 DT

The journey back to Highfall was uneventful and we were relieved to find ourselves back in the city walls. Kuno, the healer’s young brother, was initially hostile towards me for taking his sister away. Thank the iron for Brother Macias, his skill with people always astounds me. He brought the boy round and we all talked and laughed late into the night. It has been a long time since I have felt such comaraderie and feel I have found a welcome home amongst these people any time I pass though. I am glad that Sola agreed to take Kara in as an assistant and Brother Macias agreed to spread the word of Sola’s skill as a healer. I see a bright future for them ahead and wish them all well. 

The good Brother has returned to the Bondhall to finish his recovery and I suspect those who did him harm will find themselves on the wrong side of the Iron Priests for sometime to come. I would almost feel pity for them were they not such bull-headed fools.

I reported what happened to Servan High Binder and he seemed satisfied that the pillar was neutralised. I am sure he has already dispatched Ironguard and Burners to clear the area of any lingering taint. He ordered me to spend a few days recuperating before reporting back in. I have done so these past few days. I have continued my training with Tala and our bond grows stronger. She will be of great aid to me in my future journeys. I took some time as well to practice with my bow as I suspect I will soon be facing much greater dangers than I have ever before.

I must rest now but will be reporting to Servan High Binder on the dawn to see what my next mission will be. I feel refreshed and ready, it will be good to get out of the constraints of the city once more and feel the open sky over my head, though I am not without some trepidation at what is to come.


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