Mycelium 1. Christa Okiro (Rook)

The wind whipped around her shoulders as she sealed the last bolt and heaved the power breaker lever. She felt the thrumming vibrations reverberating through the pylon as it powered up again and patted the casing affectionately before raising the base on her radio.

“Control, this is Rook. That’s the Climate Monitor booting up now. What’s the weather sitrep? It’s getting a bit blustery out here. Over.” She spoke into her comm system a little too loudly as the wind picked up speed, whistling past her ears.

“Rook, this is Control, we’re just receiving telemetry now…eh Rook, ROOK…GET BACK HERE NOW! WE HAVE A STAGE THREE INCOMING FAST! OVER”

“COPY, OUT!” She fumbled with her harness controls, abseiling down the tower at a speed that would make her unit’s Safety Officer weep. A storm of that magnitude was no joke. If she were caught in the open she’d likely suffer suit rupture and then…

Face Danger [Miss: 2 + 2 + 0 = 4 vs 7 | 8] Advance Storm

In her haste to get down, she misjudged the distance between two struts and with a curse her leg slipped through, getting caught up in the bars. She wasted precious seconds untangling herself and continuing her descent. She glanced in the direction of the wind and could already see the storm front boiling over the horizon, pushing the vast spore blooms before it as it rolled across the towering forests in the distance.

Momentum -2

She leapt the last two metres, disengaging the harness and hitting the ground running, her legs pumping as fast as they could within the confines of the environment suit. 

Face Danger [Weak Hit: 4 + 2 + 0 = 6 vs 6 | 3] Advance Storm

Her run took her around one of the huge, clear bio-domes, gaining momentary shelter from the winds as the first drops of rain started to splatter across her face plate. She caught the eye of a few of the workers tending the crops within the dome as she sped past them. The shock and fear on their faces as they stared at her and then up at the massing clouds told her all she needed to know.

Spirit -1

They were sealed environments, only accessible from inside the base and their storm shutters had already started to rise. No safety for her there she focused in on the squat building at the far end of the compound, her only way in, her sanctuary.

[Mark Progress: Get back to base safely: 2 boxes]

Face Danger [Miss: 2 + 2 + 0 = 4 vs 8 | 5] Advance Storm

Her vision blurred around the edges. She focused on reaching that end goal. The building still seemed so far away. The wind and rain battering her made every step torture as her muscles burned in protest. She slipped into the gap between two storage vaults, banging her side on the corner as she rounded it and knocking her canteen off its clip. It clattered behind her as she ran on, giving her an idea. Her hands worked to release clasps and attachments, dropping tools and supplies that were only slowing her down.

Supply -2

A wide path led up to the entrance and her blood pounded in her ears as she drove her body forward, her mind only on one thing; running. The route was clear but the distance seemed vast and the roar of the storm grew deafening with every agonising step.

Face Danger [Weak Hit: 2 + 2 + 0 = 4 vs 2 | 7] Advance Storm

[Mark Progress: Get back to base safely: 4 boxes]

[Clock completed: Storm Incoming ]

[Progress Roll: Get back to base safely: Miss = 4 vs 10 | 8]

The door came into view, growing in her vision as she surged forward. Every step gained fighting against the roaring storm threatened to hurl her over. Her vision fogged as the dense clouds of deadly spores washed over her environment suit, driven forward by the storm front along with the missiles of foliage and earth caught up in the roiling gusts. A shadow fell across her and she barely had time to turn her head before something struck her hard across the faceplate as the storm wall of water and wind hit her with force. She was lifted off her feet, seeing the ground drop away from her as she was thrown high into the air and away from safety.

Health -2

The last thing she saw before the darkness consumed her was the compound wall passing below as she tumbled through the howling storm.

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